Obeying Pool Rules is Smart

Everyone knows the famous catchphrase when hanging out at a pool: “No running near the pool!” Everybody has heard it at least once while near the water, but probably brushed it off as another safety rule that Mom says just to make sure that nobody gets hurt. While Mom isn’t wrong, there are many more dangers that could happen at a pool than simply falling down on a slippery surface.

  • Pool Hazards

    Drowning is almost always the first danger that people think of when wondering about the ways a day at the pool could go wrong. But as real as that fear is, there are other sources of potential hazards, some of which can be fatal. Overdosing of chlorine in the pool water or incorrectly installed electrical equipment can quickly diffuse a happy atmosphere. Even misusing pool toys while in the water for the sake of fun can put someone at risk of being injured.

  • Other Pool Hazards

    Obviously, the slippery concrete around the pool is a major factor of poolside injuries every year, as is the sun and its UV rays. Debris scattered around the pool deck and loose pool tiles or coping also present a risk of injury. Improper or defective electrical devices and even lightning can also pose a serious threat to swimmers around the pool. Diving boards use to be one of the biggest causes of pool-related accidents. Today they are banned in most states.

  • Taking Responsiblity

    Pool owners are responsible to make sure that anyone using their pool is safe from harm. Responsible pool owners will always look for hazards in and around the pool and correct them before opening the pool to family or guests. They will also be ready if an accident does happen. Then there’s the irresponsible pool owner who just wants to have fun and doesn’t worry about potential injury to someone until they hear from a personal injury law firm a few weeks later.

When It Comes To Pools: Be On The Safe Side

Keeping the area inside and outside of the pool safe is universally beneficial to all who use it. There are many ways to avoid pool-related accidents, most of them related to taking a common-sense approach to identifying hazards and addressing them. The risks that come with using or owning a pool can be easily managed by being responsible and applying strict safety rules.